National Courses

DSCISThere are currently three different courses for cadets run by the Cadet CIS Training Team at HQ DSCIS Blandford. These are:

  • Five day Cadet Signaller course (run in February and October each year, hopefully in half term weeks). There are no prior requirements to attend this course, though it is an advantage to have at least 1* (ACF cadets) and to know the phonetic alphabet.
  • Five day Cadet Communicator course. This requires students to have passed their Cadet Signaller qualification before attending. These courses are run at Easter and in the Summer holidays each year.
  • Five day Cadet Advanced Communicator course. These courses are also run at Easter and in the Summer holidays each year. It is essential, to have attended the Cadet Communicator course described above.


This is by both regular soldiers of the Royal Corps of Signals and experienced instructors from the ACF and CCF. There is a mixture of theory and practical exercises, both outdoors and in the communications suite. We are lucky to have support from HQ DSCIS, which conducts the training of regular and TA personnel across all three services.

Course content:

Practical Instruction

The Communicator courses look at vhf radio and IS currently in use in the Army. The Advanced Communicator course concentrates on hf radio, and also gives an insight into Amateur Radio. Both courses have an element of revision, to ensure voice procedure, encoding and decoding, and general operating procedures are of the high standard needed to be an efficient signaller. We also look at Falcon, the Army’s mobile telephone system, and receive presentations on the role of the Royal Corps of Signals within our defence organisation, as well as one on the history and development of the Corps.

Leisure activities:

As and when available and subject to qualified instructors assistance, we are able to use many of the facilities within Blandford Camp, a modern and well equipped establishment. There is a cinema, a gymnasium, a climbing wall, a go-kart track and a clay pigeon range.


The only cost to cadets is the daily messing charge, which is currently £15.00 per course (Correct at Apr 17). Those students travelling by rail will be met at Salisbury station by service transport on arrival, and taken back on course completion. It is also possible to arrive by unit transport, or your parents can drive you to the Camp. You will need spending money, to cover the costs of bowling, and any purchases of snacks and soft drinks from the NAAFI, or souvenirs from the Museum shop. The course photograph and any course notes summaries are all provided free of charge.