Cadet Advanced Signalling Course

The Advanced Signalling Course was run at RSS Blandford and later, DCCIS Blandford until 2010. It was superseded by the Advanced HF course. The information below is included for reference only.

Course Objectives
To train selected CCF and ACF cadets who are classified signallers in more advanced signalling and widen their technical interest.

Purpose of Attendance
Student cadets will become more aware of advanced signalling and the technical fields involved.

Outline Block Programme
This is an advanced signal training course based on Royal Signals communications. Specific Outline Block Programme includes: Computers in the Army; Electronic Warfare overview; ESP; Cables & Excercise; Voice procedure; Antennas and propagation; PRC 320 / VRC 321; HF Frequency predictions; Radio Exercise planning; Remoting HF radio; Data over radio; Radio vehicle excercise; ORLO; Recreational outing.