Cadet Post-Classification Course

The Post-Classification Course was run at RSS Blandford and later, DCCIS Blandford until 2010. It was superseded by the Advanced VHF course. The information below is included for reference only.

Course Objectives
To give CCF and ACF cadets who are classified signallers an insight into Army signalling by demonstration and ‘hands-on’ practice with signal equipment used within the Infantry Battalion.

Capability on Completion
Student cadets will become more capable signallers and will be able to assist Cadet Officers and Instructors with training and CCF / ACF field communication activities. Cadets will be qualified to attend the Advanced Signalling course.

Outline Block Programme
This is an initial signal training course based on Infantry Battalion communications. Specific Outline Block Programme includes an All Arms update; Roles & responsibilities of Royal Signals; Cables, telephones and telephony; Introduction to radio and radio relay; Antennas & propagation; Voice procedure; Electronic Warfare; Hands-on exercises with radios, vehicle installations and cables; Obstacle course; Recreational outing.