Reef Knot Joint

This is a temporary method that is used when a compression tool and sleeves are not available. When this is done correctly, it returns the cable to its original state, i.e. strength, conductivity and insulation.

Preparation of the cable:

Bare the conductors without damaging any of the strands for at least 15cm (6inches) at the end of each cable. Leave approximately 1 cm of the outer sheath on the ends of the strands to prevent the strands from splaying out until the reef knot is made.

reef1Join the bared cables by means of a reef knot, getting the knot about 2 cm from the insulated portion of the cable. Pull the knot as tight as possible taking care not to break any of the cooper strands. The overall length of the joint should not exceed 4cm.

Reef Knot(1) Remove the installation from the ends of the cable. Separate the 4 copper strands from the 3 steel strands and pull the copper strands down below the joint.

(2) Lay the steel strands along the cable and cut them off approximately two thirds the distance between the knot and the insulation.

(3) Bind the copper strands along the standing part of the cable, covering the steel strands. Continue with the copper up to the insulation, then cut off the excess copper.

(4) Repeat the process on the other side of the knot.

Reef KnotOnce the whole cable has been completed each knot is individually covered using electrical tape.