PTC 414

PTC 414The UK/PTC-414 (United Kingdom Personal Telephone Communicator 414) is a lightweight 2 wire combat field telephone designed for use within a magneto field telephone system. It is relatively portable and is protected against Electro-Magnetic Pulse and is one of the more modern field telephones used by the cadets.

Power Supply

The PTC-414 can be powered both externally (from within the exchange) or by 4 x 1.5V Primary Cells (C Batteries) giving a combined potential difference of 6 V.

Modes Function Controls

Left Switch (power):

  • LB (Local Battery) – Allows the phone to be powered by the internal battery
  • STBY (Standby) – Disconnects the internal battery – incoming ringer detector is still enabled
  • CB (Central Battery) – The phone is now powered from the exchange

Right Switch (incoming call alert):

  • VIS WHISP – Enables the visual alarm and also whisper speech
  • VIS – Enables the visual alarm for incoming calls
  • LO – Low level audible tone on incoming call
  • HI – Normal audible tone on incoming call