Cadet Signaller

Crossed Flags BadgeCadet Signallers must have completed the Cadet Lineman qualification, although it is possible for both levels (3* & 4*) to be studied and assessed concurrently.

The Cadet Signaller will be required to communicate effectively, accurately and securely using correct voice procedure, and authorised encryption methods. They will be competent at using the PRC 349 and PRC 320, and have a basic knowledge of antennas and propagation.

Assessment of this qualification is to be carried out by a Royal Signals Advisor Unit, or a CFAV authorised in writing by the Cadet Force National Signals Advisor (CFNSA).

On successful completion a badge and certificate are awarded. The crossed flag badge must be worn below the rank on the brassard, replacing the Line or CRU badge.

A Cadet Signaller should be able to:

  • Establish and maintain communications using field cable and telephones.
  • Establish, maintain and control communications on a VHF radio net.
  • Send and receive orders, reports and messages accurately and securely using correct military voice procedure.