Morse Code

International Morse CodeMorse Code is a telegraph code in which letters and numbers are represented by strings of dots and dashes (short and long signals). It was invented by Samuel F. B. Morse in 1840. Since its creation it has had a few revisions and changes to end up as the code on the left. The first message sent using morse code was sent from Baltimore to Washington on the 24th May 1844. The message said “What hath God wrought”. Although it is now no longer used in the military, Amateur radio operators and some cadet stations still use it.

Using Morse code, it is possible to communicate around the world on less than a Watt! It is possible to make a simple transmitter, using inexpensive components, to send morse round the world. You would of course have to have the appropriate licences and use designated frequencies in order to use one.

If you are interested in learning and using morse code, contact your Signals Officer or Signals NCO for details.