RQMS – SMI Ben Dodson

Ben was born and still lives in Bristol. He attended the Grange Community School and after completing GCSE’s and A Levels went on to the University of the West of England to Study Computing for Real Time Systems. After realising that a career in computing wasn’t quite for him he joined a specialist corporate finance company and started training to become an accountant. In a strange twist he became more involved with IT and telecoms within the company and became Information Systems Manager.

Ben joined the City & County of Bristol ACF as a cadet in 1997 and continued on to become and adult when he was too old, rapidly becoming a detachment commander. He had a long-time interest in military communications and it was in 2006 that he attended the Adult Basic signals course and became hooked, after returning his interest really took off and he re-launched Bristol ACF’s signals platoon. Since running a number of CRU courses at Annual Camp there has been considerable interest throughout the County, with a number of cadets attending the national courses and returning to assist.

Outside of the Army Cadet Force Ben particularly enjoys shooting and competes in a number of disciplines.