Chief Instructor – Sqn Ldr Alex May

Alex was born in 1985 in Gloucester. At the age of 10 his family moved down to Bournemouth where he attended Pokesdown County Primary and Bournemouth Grammar School. Whilst attending Bournemouth Grammar School, he Joined the Combined Cadet Force as a member of the Royal Air Force Section. He became involved with the Signals Troop, gained his Crossed Flags and attended courses at RSS Blandford. Shortly after gaining his CASI award, he was allowed to attend more courses at RSS Blandford as cadet DS. He later became the Cadet IC RAF section and IC Signals Troop. He continued to assist with the courses at RSS Blandford and became an Under Officer. Following various delays he joined the Royal Navy and was commissioned as a Midshipman. He continued to assist at RSS Blandford whenever his leave coincided with the courses. After 10 months, Alex left the Navy and returned to being an Under Officer with Bournemouth School CCF.

Alex applied to become a supernumerary officer with the Army section of the CCF however a vacancy in the Royal Air Force section meant that he re-applied for a commission with the RAF section. Alex was commissioned as a Pilot Officer VR(T) in July 2006 and was promoted to Flying Officer in July 2008 after two years service within the cadet forces. In December 2010, Alex transferred to The Thomas Hardye School CCF in Dorchester to help the unit as a Section Officer. After a year, Alex took over as Officer Commanding the RAF Section and was promoted to Flight Lieutenant. After a further 5 years at Thomas Hardye School CCF, in July 2016, Alex assumed the role of Contingent Commander and was promoted to Squadron Leader.

Alex has been involved with the Cadet Forces Signals Training Team since 2006 when he was responsible for running as the Webmaster. In 2012 he took up the role of Chief Instructor. He is responsible for the NAAFI, PRI shop as well as providing the resources for the National Level courses. He specialises in Antennas & Propagation, Amateur Radio and Information Technology.