Army Cadets National CIS Advisor – Lt Col Joe Summers

Joe was born in London in 1959 and lived until 1985 in Wimbledon. He attended Rutlish School where he was a member of the CCF. He left Rutlish School in 1975 and joined Post Office Telephones as an Apprentice Technician and until his semi-retirement in January 2012, had always worked in the telecommunications industry. In 1979 he joined the TA as an infantry signaller with 6/7 Queens in Surrey. He moved to Devon in 1985 where he was a signaller with the Royal Devon Yeomanry in Tiverton.

In 1987 he moved to Cornwall and in 1989 enlisted in Cornwall ACF. He was commissioned in 1992. Joe was formerly  the OC of Gibraltar Company and Regimental Signals Officer for Cornwall ACF. He joined the Cadet Forces Signals Training Team (CFSTT) in 2011 as the Executive Officer where he was responsible for the NRN and non-syllabus signals activities. In 2013, he became the OC Cadet Signals Training Team until, in November 2016, Army Cadets National CIS Advisor.