Training Officer – Maj Dan Lehmann

Dan first became interested in radios when he was studying GCSE Electronics which led him to passing his Radio Amateur Exam when he was 14 years old. He achieved his Cadet Signaller qualification and was promoted to LCpl in his second year in the CCF. Following this he attended both the Advanced VHF and HF courses held at Blandford. Whilst attending the advanced HF course he also obtained his Cadet Signals Instructor Qualification (CSI).

After leaving school he joined Hereford & Worcester ACF as an adult instructor, passing his ITC and worked as an SI in one of the local detachment.

He moved to Middlesex & North West London ACF whilst at university, and then after moving back to Brighton, he joined Brighton College CCF. On his successful appointment of Second Lieutenant, he became the RSO and also the editor of the National ACF & CCF Signals Newsletter.

Since 2003 he has been a regular instructor for the Cadet Force Signals Training Team, and was then promoted to the Team Training Officer, with responsibility for qualifications, the syllabus and the running of the national courses held at Blandford. In 2007 he started Exercise Rolling Thunder, the National Cadet Signals Competition held every year in February.

Outside signalling he is also a qualified range conducting officer and obstacle course supervisor! He enjoys all aspects of Signalling; however his particular interest is HF communications. He also holds a Masters of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London.

Dan now works for UK Power Networks as a senior extra high voltage engineer, keeping the electricity flowing in the South East of England. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, mountain walking, and driving and restoring old cars.