Use of Virtual Learning Environment

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) hosts and generates all of the Cadet CIS assessments ensuring each assessment is unique yet at the same standard. Each student is also provided with individual feedback immediately after submitting an assessment. A table of all the qualifications taught at unit level and available assessments is included below:

Qualification Assessment Type
Cadet APC Basic CIS Paper & Online available
Cadet APC 1* CIS Paper & Online available
Cadet APC 2* CIS Online preferred, Paper By Request
Cadet APC 3* CIS Online preferred, Paper By Request
Cadet APC 4* CIS Online only
CFAV Adult Radio User Online only
CFAV CIS Basic Instructor Online only

Courses requiring the use of the VLE should be registered at least 4 weeks in advance by sending an email to with details of the course (Unit responsible, dates, WESTMINSTER activity reference, location, instructors and estimation for student numbers). This enables the course instructor qualifications to be checked and online support to be planned. This enables certificates and qualifications to be awarded in a timely manner, usually the same day. An example notification is below:


Anywhere County ACF will be holding a Cadet Radio User course over the weekend of 10-11 December 2016 at CTC Somewhere. The Westminster activity reference is 16/443567. Instructors will be Capt C Bloggs and 2Lt B Jones. 16 students are expected to attend this course.

Capt Chris Bloggs

Students must then be registered no later than 1 week before the course by the Course Officer. This is achieved by completing student details in the “UserDetailsDistv3.xls” file, which should be sent to

Spreadsheet Guidance: (All fields except role and course can be downloaded from Westminster nominal role report. It is recommended to save this a private report with the correct columns for future courses)

Each student will be required to change their passwords on their first login. The password complexity requirements will be shown at the time. All assessments and End of Course InVal MUST be completed by each candidate for their certificate to be generated. It is important the the certificate is viewed by the student to check for any errors.

Qualifications will be awarded and certificates uploaded to WESTMINSTER as soon as possible after the course. The Course Officer will also receive a summary of the course feedback which has been completely anonymised for their own course evaluation.

Requests for paper assessments should be e-mailed to at least 4 weeks in advance so a paper and mark scheme can be generated for your course.