Online Assessment of CFAV BSI and Cadet Radio User

Following on from the post of 16 May 2015, there have been ongoing improvements to the Virtual Learning Environment and assessment of the CFAV Basic Signals Instructor course. These improvements have now enabled the Cadet Radio User course to also be assessed online should units wish to make use of it. This is not compulsory and paper assessments may continue to be used for CRU. Those using paper assessments accept the responsibility for marking assessments, completing certificates as well as uploading qualifications and results to Westminster.

Courses requiring the use of the VLE should be registered at least 4 weeks in advance by sending an email to with details of the course (Unit responsible, dates, WESTMINSTER activity reference, location, instructors and estimation for student numbers). Example below:


Anywhere County ACF will be holding a Cadet Radio User course over the weekend of 10-11 December 2016 at CTC Somewhere. The Westminster activity reference is 16/443567. Instructors will be Capt C Bloggs and 2Lt B Jones. 16 students are expected to attend this course.

Capt Chris Bloggs

Students must then be registered no later than 1 week before the course by the Course Officer. This is achieved by completing student details in the “UserDetailsDistv2.xls” file, which should be sent to

Please note the following:
  • Spreadsheet Guidance (All fields except e-mail can be downloaded from Westminster under activities):
    • Pnumber – As recorded on WESTMINSTER. Any containing letters, should be in lower case.
    • firstname – Should be the persons complete first name with a capital first letter. Initials and or middle names should not be used.
    • lastname – Should the Surname CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY.
    • email – CFAV students should use their own e-mail address. Cadet students should be given a fake e-mail of their pnumber e.g.
    • unit – Should be the ACF County or CCF Contingent as it appears on WESTMINSTER as this is used on the certificate.
  • Each student will be required to change their passwords on their first login.
  • Assessments are randomly generated for every attempt for each student.
  • Assessment feedback is available immediately after submission.
  • All assessments and End of Course InVal MUST be completed by each candidate for their certificate to be generated.

Qualifications will be awarded and certificates uploaded to WESTMINSTER as soon as possible after the course. The Course Officer will also receive a summary of the course feedback which has been completely anonymised for their own course evaluation.