Easter Bunny – 2013

Competing Stations
Position Unit Name Scored
1 Bridlington School CCF 5505
2 Hants & IOW ACF, C Coy 4865
3 Churchers College CCF 4540
4 1213 Sqn (Andover) ATC 4305
5 Maidstone Grammar School CCF 4215
6 Net Monitor – CW 1805
7 Clwyd & Gwynedd ACF 1435
8 Hants & IOW ACF, B Coy 1050
9 Essex ACF, C Coy 805
10 Humberside ACF 780
11 Airdrie & Coatbridge SCC 410
12 1132 (Statham) Sqn ATC 240
13 name score

Comments from the Organiser

With the last log arriving after the start of the summer term and one e-mailed log only opening on the 3rd computer I tried (and this with no printer) I’m afraid results have been delayed more than I wanted. Crosschecking the logs takes time and its much easier if stations total their claims for each station contacted. The winning station had to be marked down around 500 points – is this because other stations are not as meticulous with their log keeping?

Well done to all the stations which took part. Some could only operate for an hour or two on one day only but the operators gained valuable experience and hopefully will want to be there for the whole time in future competitions. It was also good to welcome some new stations to the competition and hopefully this will be the first of many competitions.

The scoring is designed to encourage stations to operate on as many of the frequencies as possible hence the contacts between some stations was worth 800 points. Worth thinking about when planning your entry for next year.

A number of stations were unable to operate, I hope that will not put you off entering next year, I would much prefer entries from stations which discover they cannot operate than for you to miss out on the opportunity of participating because you never entered.

Competition Organiser – Lt Col J Clarke