Christmas Cracker – 2013

Competing Stations
Position Unit Name Scored
1 1213 (Andover) Sqn ATC 150
2 Churchers College CCF 127
3 Hants & IOW ACF, B Coy “A” 126
4 Maidstone Grammar School CCF 111
5 1003 (Leighton Buzzard) Sqn ATC 66
6 Essex ACF 63
7 Hants & IOW ACF, C Coy 57
8 1003 (Leighton Buzzard) Sqn ATC 53
9 Net Assistant – Cornwall 51
10 Sutton Valence School CCF 50
11 Humberside ACF 44
12 Net Monitor – Basingstoke 26
13 Net Monitor – CW 17
14 Net Assistant – Bournemouth 16
15 Warwick School CCF 14
16 1132 (Stalham) Sqn ATC 8
Active & No Log
Sir Roger Manwood’s School CCF
Dollar Academy CCF
Hampshire & IOW ACF, B Coy “B”

Comments from the Organiser

This years competition was the first to be marked electronically thanks to Lt S Fraser’s hard work. Thank you to those that managed to submit your logs online and we hope to expand the use of the portal in the following year. I expect the future competitions to follow suit as the NRN moves forward into the digital age! The table appears to be grouped into three distinct areas again but most people have moved up a position or two since last year.

The deadline for the results to be uploaded was similar to last year and each station was responsible for uploading their own log. Despite the messages taking the format LLNNLL, some serials were mistyped and were quite rightly marked as incorrect by the computer. Please do check your logs before submitting them as these simple errors can then be picked up and points retained. Logs should be able to be checked online using the username and password supplied to enable you to see where the errors have been made.

Timing throughout the competition was good as only 10 exchanges were disallowed as they fell out of the 5 minute grace period allowed between logs! Of those 10, the times varied from 6 minutes to 121 minutes between logs. We now just need to work on accurate recording of call signs and message content and scores will shoot up! Of the 1340 exchanges during the exercise, only 564 were marked as valid and 776 were marked as wrong. That means 58% of all the exchanges had an error and did not score any points! From the 3 active stations that had not submitted a log, there were 204 exchanges that lost points for the other stations and with scores so close each exchange makes a big difference!

Conditions appeared to be good in the early afternoon on Saturday and then in the early hours of Sunday morning. There was a lot of solar activity on Saturday evening which had a distinct effect on HF conditions which a few stations commented on.

Hopefully everyone learnt something from taking part in the competition and I hope next years competition will have a few more stations fighting for the now well contented top spot. As always, it is good to have ACF, CCF and ATC stations competing on a regular basis.

Congratulations to the winners, their first time at the top in Christmas Cracker. The results were read out at 1200 on Christmas Day and thanks to those who called in. Should any station require a Certificate of entry, they can be sent out on request.

Comments from Entrants

1213 (Andover) Sqn ATC – Six cadets took part but only 4 were available for the full 24 hours. Four had experience with previous CC, one with “Summer Whine” and one new to ACF competitions.  Enjoyed by all.

Churchers College CCF – Thanks for organising an excellent competition.  My word,  how good the conditions were in the middle of the night. They made up for a very slow start for my boys.  We only had a team of 3, so I had to do some logging myself at times.  2 of the 3 boys had only just gained their x flags and had not had any NRN competition experience.  Nevertheless, we all had a good time.

Hants & IOW ACF, B Coy “A” – Many thanks for organising the competition this year. Cadets performance on the air from all call signs was excellent. We only had a couple of periods when the cadets weren’t on a net. I think however they may need to revisit their primary school Alphabet lessons as some of the messages got out of shape. Logging again may be an issue, handwriting it leaves a lot to be desired! All in all an excellent event and thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part.

Competition Organiser – Flt Lt A May