Rolling Thunder Results – 2011

Position Unit Name Points
1st Reading School CCF 111
2nd Sussex ACF 106
3rd Woodbridge School CCF 101
4th Cambridgeshire ACF 94
5th Judd & Skinners School CCF 91
6th Somerset Cadet Bn The Rifles ACF 89
=7th Merchant Taylors School (Crosby) CCF 82
=7th The West Lowland Bn ACF 82
9th Dyfed & Glamorgan ACF, A Coy 68
10th Kent ACF 66
11th Sutton Valence School CCF 62
12th Dyfed & Glamorgan ACF, C Coy 60
13th Gwent & Powys ACF 58
14th Dollar Academy CCF 56
15th Essex ACF 54
16th The City & County of Bristol ACF 50
17th Warwick School CCF 34
18th 1st (Northern Ireland) Bn ACF 28
19th Warwickshire & West Midland South Sector ACF 25

Howell Trophy (Best Individual) – Awarded to Cdt CSM Fennelly of Cambridgeshire ACF.

Pugh Memorial Trophy (Endevour) – Awarded to Sutton Valence School CCF.

Best Shot – Awarded to Cdt Cpl Wilkes of Sussex ACF.