Rolling Thunder Results – 2012

Position Unit Name Points
1st Reading School CCF 168
2nd The West Lowland Battalion ACF 155
3rd Woodbridge School CCF 149
4th Sutton Valance School CCF 148
5th Judd School CCF 146
6th Sussex ACF 139
7th Essex ACF 136
8th Dyfed & Glamorgan ACF 127
9th Hampshire & Isle of Wight ACF 119
10th Churchers College CCF 108
11th Cambridgeshire ACF 107
12th Somerset Cadet Bn The Rifles ACF 104
13th Leicestershire Northamptonshire & Rutland ACF 96
14th Dollar Academy CCF 93
15th Surrey (PWRR Bn) ACF 78
16th Nottinghamshire ACF 76
17th Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF 74
18th 1ST (Northern Ireland) Bn ACF 66
19th Middlesex & North West London ACF 64
=20th Cheshire ACF 63
=20th Staffordshire & West Midland North Sector ACF 63
22nd Gloucestershire Army Cadet Force (The Rifles) 62
23rd Angus & Dundee Bn ACF 60

Howell Trophy (Best Individual) – Awarded to Cdt CSM Thomas of Sutton Valence School CCF.

Pugh Memorial Trophy (Endevour) – Awarded to Middlesex & North West London ACF.

Best Shot – Awarded to Cdt Cpl Phillips of Churchers College CCF.