Rolling Thunder Results – 2014

Position Unit Name Points
1st  Dollar Academy CCF  143
2nd  Somerset Cadet Bn The Rifles ACF  139
3rd  Essex ACF  134
=4th  Sussex ACF  130
=4th  West Lowland Bn ACF  130
6th  Staffordshire & West Midlands ACF  120
7th  King Edward VI Grammar School CCF  118
8th  Reading School CCF  115
9th  2 (Northern Ireland) Bn ACF  103
10th  1st (Northern Ireland Bn ACF  96
11th  Devon ACF  93
12th  Bristol ACF  89
13th  Wells Cathedral School CCF 87
14th  Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF  83
15th  Woodbridge School CCF  80
16th  Buckinghamshire (The Rifles) ACF  79
17th  Glasgow & Lanarkshire Bn ACF  77
18th  Angus & Dundee Bn ACF  65
19th  Clwyd & Gwynedd ACF  64
20th  Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders ACF  63
21st  Gloucestershire ACF  62

Howell Trophy (Best Individual) – Awarded to Cdt Sgt Lao of Dollar Academy CCF.

Pugh Memorial Trophy (Endevour) – Awarded to 2 (Northern Ireland) Bn ACF.

Best Shot – Awarded to Cdt SSgt Milligan of 1st (Northern Ireland) Bn ACF.

Cadet Force Adult Volunteer Award – Awarded to Capt M Pepper of 1 (Northern Ireland) Bn ACF.