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Cadet Signals Portal Updated

The Cadet Signals Portal has undergone a huge re-write with a number of features updated and more set for release in the near future. The most notable update is the hosting of the National Training Package.

Any registered users from the previous version should still be able to log in using the details previously set. Users can either login using the link on the sidebar menu to the right or by browsing to:

If you encounter any any issues, please contact

Vacancies on Cadet Signaller Course (QSIG/16/426890 29 May – 03 Jun)

There are vacancies on the 4* Cadet Signaller course running at DSCIS Blandford. This is an ideal opportunity for cadets wishing to obtain their 4* pass in Signals.

Applicants MUST already hold a Cadet Radio User or 2* Signals pass on Westminster for their application to be accepted. Applications should be sent to confirming Parental Consent and rough travel details.

National Course Dates Update

The National Course Dates page has been updated to include all Cadet and CFAV Signals courses at DSCIS Blandford up to the end of this training year (31 Mar 17). Bookings for these courses should be made through WESTMINSTER when booking opens for each course.

Course Arrivals Proformas should be completed and sent in, ideally by e-mail to , as soon as possible after the booking status has been set to “Accepted”.

11 Infantry Brigade Signals Courses

A number of Brigade courses have been listed on Westminster. These courses will be running at Buckinghamshire ACF Weekend Training Centre and are ideally suited to CCFs and ACFs within the 11 Infantry Brigade area. Bookings for these courses should be made through WESTMINSTER.

  • 30th May to 1st June Cadet Radio User (2015 Interim) – CRU11INF/16/426483
  • 1st June to 3rd June Cadet Lineman (2015 Interim) – LINE11INF/16/426484
  • 1st June to 2nd June CFAV Basic Signals Instructor (2015 Interim) – BSI11INF/16/426485
  • 3rd June to 4th June CFAV Basic Signals Instructor (2015 Interim) – BSI11INF/16/426486

National Cadet Signaller Courses

Three national courses have been listed on Westminster as an interim 4* Cadet Signaller course. These courses will only be available at a National Level, run at DSCIS Blandford. The National Course Dates page has been updated to reflect the additional courses. Bookings for these and all other national Signals courses should be made through WESTMINSTER. Course assembly is the first day of the dates shown below.

  • 28th May to 3rd June – QSIG/16/426890
  • 23rd to 29th July – QSIG/16/427078
  • 20th to 26th August – QSIG/16/427165