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Clansman Radio and PRR

Personal Role Radios are not to be used as a replacement for the PRC 349 in any Signals Training.

The training package is being revised to include the PRR at the end of 1 Star Signals to enable 2 Star Fieldcraft training to be conducted more effectively. When Clansman is withdrawn after 1 Sep 2015, the PRC 349 will be replaced with a VHF radio and the PRC 320 with an HF radio.

CFAV Basic Signals Instructor Course Assessment

Further to the post on 24 February 2015, all CFAV Basic Signals Instructor Courses are now only available to sit as online assessments. Students must be registered in advance by the Course Officer. The “UserDetailsDist.xls” file should be completed with student details and sent to with the details of the course (when, where, course instructors & assessors) at least 4 weeks before the course.

Please note the following:
  • Any Pnumbers containing letters must be in lower case.
  • Each student will be required to change their passwords on their first login.
  • The assessment is randomly generated for each student and feedback is available 2 minutes after submission.
  • The End of Course InVal MUST be completed by each candidate for their qualification to be awarded by the CSTT.

Questions requiring manual marking will be marked remotely as soon as possible and qualifications awarded through WESTMINSTER.

Amateur Radio Licences

If you are a cadet or CFAV and currently hold an Amateur Radio Licence, please e-mail a copy of your validation document to and your qualification will be added to WESTMINSTER.

National Training Package

The National Training Package for the following will be available electronically on 2 Sep 14:

  • Basic Progressive
  • 1* APC Progressive
  • 2* APC Progressive
  • CRU Direct

In order to gain access to the resources, you will need to e-mail with your name, rank and Pnumber as found on WESTMINSTER. Once your qualification has been checked, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address as listed in WESTMINSTER so you can download the resources. As this is an early release, you will be asked for your feedback after using the resources.

The resources will be available in a number of formats.

Authorised Radio Equipment

Your attention is drawn to a letter sent out by HQ Support Command on 15 April 2013. In which it states:

The Clansman PRC 349 and PRC 320 radios in use with the ACF and CCF have been subject to a Safety Review which concludes that these radios are low-risk equipment and can remain in safe service with cadets. No other Clansman radios are authorised for use with cadets.

Please ensure strict compliance with this directive and backload all non-authorised military radio equipment including the PRC 321, PRC 350, PRC 351 and PRC 352 systems to SNCO Army Reserves & Cadets at DSCIS.

Any questions from CFAVs should be directed to