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Easter Bonnet – 2006

Competing Stations
Position Unit Name Points
1st Churchers College 4300
2nd Bridlington School 4120
3rd Maidstone Grammar School 3820
4th Sutton Vallance School 3610
5th Hants & IOW ACF 2760
6th Capt G Tucker 2320
7th Humberside ACF 2070
8th The Vyne School 1760
=9th Merseyside ACF 1120
=9th Mr J Wresdell 1120
11th Duke of Yorks Royal Military School 800

Firstly may I apologise for the delay in getting out the results, but an unexpected operation in hospital delayed my checking of the logs.

It was good to see a good number competing. Some entries never operated. Others failed to send in logs. This not only precludes your results, but also affects the scores of other stations.

It was particularly pleasing to hear Merseyside ACF operating under canvas in the snow in what I believe was their first competion on the NRN. Well done I hope to hear you in future competitions.

We still seem to be plagued by “my message to you is” who else could it be for? It is also “Hello all stations” not call signs.

I am afraid my final details did not write what I intended for scoring of contacts. As it stood it worked out at 40 points per contact. I intended each contact to score 30 plus 10 times the number of frequencies you had contacted that station on. One contact was worth 40 points. 2 contacts were worth 50 points each. Three contacts would score 60 points each etc.

As far as marking the logs was concerned one or two stations logged each contact under each other on normal log sheets. This took much longer to cross check and would not score higher bonus points if it were repeated next year. The logs given are designed to maximise ease of checking.

Next years competition will be the corresponding w/e ie 10th and 11th March 2007

Congratulations to Churchers College and good luck to you all with Summer Whine

Competition Organiser – Maj J Clarke

Easter Bonnet – 2005

Competing Stations
Position Unit Name Sat Sun Total
1 Churchers College CCF 73 90 163
2 Bridlington School CCF 93 52 145
3 City of London School CCF 70 61 131
4 Bournemouth School CCF 47 66 113
5 Gwent ACF 31 47 78
6 Essex ACF 45 25 70
7 The Oratory School CCF 16 16
8 Wellington School CCF 8 8

Competition Organiser – Lt Col J Clarke